Decisions, decisions…

As one of the editors of Image Comic’s POPGUN anthology, I gotta make decisions. Decisions that are sometimes super easy — Awesome artist I probably shouldn’t mention yet for the cover? Hell yeah! What a genius I am for suggesting that bit of obvious goodness! Just fell outta my brain! — and some that are damn difficult…

Every volume of POPGUN, we invite some of the best and brightest creators in the business. It’s amazing to have the chance to read so many darn good stories and often discover new (to me, anyway) talent.

The tough part comes when, even at nearly 500 pages available for the book, we have too much goodness! An embarrassment of riches, sure, but… ah, what goes in? And what… darn it… just can’t fit???

I keep hoping for some secret formula, but I guess it just ain’t gonna happen. Time for bullets to be bitten, debating with my co-editors (Anthony Wu and Adam P. Knave), and hoping for the best.

One thing we’re all already sure of though: POPGUN 4 is going to be awesome. It’s not scheduled to be released until January (tentatively), so it’s going to be a long wait, but it’ll be worth it. So much goodness. The books keep getting heavier and heavier. Not metaphorically. Literally. One could develop a weight training program around them.

After stretching, start off with the 448 pages of POPGUN 1. Do that until it gets easier, and then you need to challenge the muscles more. That’s when it’s time to bump it up to the 472 pages of POPGUN 2 and 3. You should be getting comfortable with those by January, which will be right around the time to increase your weight to POPGUN 4, which will be… well, we’re not 100% sure on the exact page count yet. Gotta decide. Get the “okay” on the exact page increase — but it will be BIGGER.

Okay, enough bloggy distractions. I need to get back to this crazy (and exciting) POPGUN 4 story list…

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