One of the best birthdays presents ever.

Doctor Who. It’s an acquired taste for many of us Yanks, I think. Honestly, I used to hate the original series as a kid. It freaked me out. British teeth. Weird video for interior shots, totally different looking film stock for the exteriors — that really bothered me for some reason.

But when the series came back after a several years off the air in 2005, I heard good things. And I watched a few episodes on Sci Fi. Then I started renting the series on Netflix a few months later. And just devoured it.

The show’s mix of science fiction, adventure, comedy, and lots and lots of heart won me over. And though David Tennant as the 10th Doctor became my favorite (so far, anyway, fingers crossed for the upcoming 11th), it was Christopher Eccleston as the 9th Doctor that started this whole thing off. And re-watching series 1 of the new Who, by myself unfortunately, which wasn’t the original plan, I find myself perhaps even more entertained than the first time I watched it.

Yes, some episodes are corny at times, and the tone is off a bit here and there, especially in the first episode, but there’s so much good overall, and, to me, the series finale is a truly rousing and inspiring bit of classic television. The episode, entitled “The Parting of Ways,” is about true heroism. And love. And sacrifice. And hope. Goddammit, for an unfortunate pessimist like myself, the HOPE of Doctor Who still always gets to me. I’m watching it now with a lump in my throat. It’s ridiculous, I know. But the unspoken love between the Doctor and Rose (I ain’t got no problem with that, old school Whovians), the courage to do the right thing in the face of impossible odds regardless of the sacrifice it entails… man. I need this right now, and I’m glad I’m watching it.


“I think you need a doctor.”

Thanks for getting me this way overpriced DVD set for my birthday way back in the much-missed good old days of July, Erin. I didn’t ask for it, but you paid attention to all my babbling about this weird British science fiction show and surprised me. I truly enjoy it and will watch it over and over. It’s full of fun, wonder, cheesy fx, and hope. I love hope. I can’t help it — bitter as I too often am, I am in love with hope.

And that theme song just makes me smile!

Now I’m gonna have to save money for series two, doggone it…

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  1. Visiting the fam in Ohio and was worried I’d be crazy bored during the day, when everyone was at work… then, today, I see there’s a Doctor Who marathon on BBC America! Series 2! Perfect timing!

    Take that, brain. No time for thinking now. Gotta watch the fun!

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