Universal Health Care? I’m for it.

Just recently read comic books and drank cheap canned beer while President Obama’s speech on health care reform was on the TV in the background, and, well, I don’t know where there can possibly be any debate.

Of course we need universal health care! How could there be a question? Good lord! It’s. Our. Universe!

If Slagar The Slagarthorious gets a hankerin’ for universe destruction, how are we going to make sure we can get back to healthy, assuming anyone survives the alien Armageddon?

It’s kind of a downer, I know, but let’s really think about this, God’s Americans. Let’s think long. Then let’s think hard. Then let’s combine the porno style, because this is a crazy important issue.

Protect our universe! Universal health care! And, um, reform! Let’s do this thing!

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