EXTRACT movie review


… Mmmaaaaybe I should type a little more since I called this a “review.”

Okay, I’m a big fan of Office Space and an almost as big fan of Idiocracy. King of the Hill can be pretty funny, and Beavis & Butthead definitely gave me some laughs growing up. Basically: I’m a fan of Extract writer/director Mike Judge. So, yeah, I suggested to my mom and sister that we see this movie on our “mini-vacation” to Columbus, OH.

About 30 laugh-free minutes in (with only one other person in the theatre with us), I began to feel guilty. This is what I do. I didn’t make the movie, but I like the filmmaker, read good reviews, and didn’t want to see the new Sandra Bullock movie (All About Steve), so I suggested Extract. And though I didn’t make it boring or unfunny to us, I felt bad about picking it for us.

Not sure what happened with this flick and me. I know it was low key and not going for huge laughs the whole time, but I was just not into it at all. Jason Bateman is always great. Mila Kunis is really pretty. Ben Affleck is also really pretty (even with the beard), JK Simmons is often hilarious, Dave Koechner is usually a hoot, and Kristin Wiig can be darn funny. But nothing clicked for me in this flick.

How did vanila extract, testicular damage, a dumb gigolo, and paranoid weed humor barely make me (or my mom and sister) crack a smile? Weird.

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