Me Versus Standing On The Corner, Waiting For The Bus

After checking the Metro site to make sure I’m going to hit that bus stop on the corner at just the right time to make the bus, I still must wait. That is fine. And, to be honest, I have no grounds to complain. The most likely crazy person in the sleeveless Superman tee shirt and dojo-appropriate karate pants was there first.

He’s ignoring me, which is good. Once I’m noticed, I fear I’ll end up a spitting target. Oh, yeah — he’s spitting at various targets, some human.

I just wait it out… soon the bus will come, and… Oh, hold on there. We’re both at the same bus stop. Well, maybe he’s getting on a different… nope.

We both get on the same bus. I prepare to be spat upon before arriving at my destination…

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