Halloween saved by a piece of paper!

So, you must be wondering what happened after the crisis of my last post. Halloween was coming. I had no costume. It was time for the big dance, and I didn’t have a date!

After that post, I had the idea to use none of those ideas and be House from, you know, House. This would just require things I already had: jeans, sneakers, button up shirt, tee shirt underneath, stubble… and one thing I didn’t: a cane. But! My roommate has one! So, I asked him about it and figured I was done. Then he said, “What should I be, D.J.?”

After some twists and turns in life, it was obvious that HE should be House. It was his cane. He had the stubble that I ended up having to shave the day of the party for a temp job. It was all adding up.

But that left me back to ol’ square one! Jim from The Office became an option when I was working at the temp job and realized I was dressed just like Jim from The Office (gray slacks, white shirt, solid dark tie — yes, I study the man), plus the fact that I’m a tall cracker with brown hair who makes a lot of smug faces. But, nah, no one would get it just by looking at me.

Then Clark Kent into Superman became an option again, BUT, man, I’ve done that before. First time was in 1998 or something, back in college. Had to retire it.

Then! I saw my Preacher action figure in my room. Not any preacher, but Jesse Custer from the awesome DC/Vertigo comic PREACHER.


Yep. Just a piece of paper and some paperclips for the collar, then clothes I already had. Another successfully FREE Halloween costume! Sure, people just thought I was a regular ol’ preacher (albeit it a mean muggin’ one), but when I explained, people were either like, “Oh, I know that comic!” or “That sounds like a badass comic. I’ll have to check it out.”

Yeah, I’m a pretty cool dude.

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