Ill-equipped to Read People

As humans, we often seem to think that we know what other people are thinking or feeling, even if they don’t explain it to us. We’ll look at the way someone moves or smiles or which direction their eyes go or which direction their legs are crossed and imagine we know what’s going on in their heads.

I thought this was true, but last night I realized that, nope. Not true. At least for me. I have no ability to “read” others. It’s kind of interesting in this, “wow, I’m kinda dumb” way. I went on a couple of dates with this seemingly swell gal, nothing major, and very chaste (because that’s how I roll, gang!) — but fun. Lots of laughs and easy conversation. Some body language that made me think there was attraction there. I thought for sure there would be a third date.


Not the end of the world by any means, but it’s just confusing. At the end of the date, there were smiles and hugs and mentions of a third date. When I got home, she sent me a text thanking me and a good night wish and emoticon smiley face. All seemed well.

Asked her out again, and after a few hours received a text that “sorry, but this isn’t going to work out.”


I must’ve just misread everything. The fact that this little two date adventure has come to an end isn’t a huge deal in and of itself, but it is a head scratcher and represents perhaps a learning disability I didn’t know I had. I’m by no means a cocky guy, so I don’t just assume the ladies are down. But I was oddly confident in this. Thought for sure more dates were in the future.

Ah, guess my people reading skills are up there with my rollerskating skills. (Nonexistent.)

Ladies: why are you so confusing? Fellas: why are we so dumb?

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