La Vida TEMP

The life of temporary employment can be a very boring and low paying one… at least it is for yours truly. (Though you never know when some “wacky” gig will pop up — none of those yet.)

As full time employment continues to elude me and the joy of writing and editing comics doesn’t equate to any substantial pay of writing and editing comics, I’ve turned to temp work. Temp agencies. The middlemen of employment. Quite the racket, though I need them, so I appreciate them… due to lack of choice. But still, appreciation.

Almost five years ago, a temp job lead to a four year long bout of full time employment with a major company, so that was swell in an “yay-I-can-pay-my-bills” kind of way. Now, that same temp agency recently snagged me… a half day job stuffing envelopes for four hours. Times is tough. Granted, it could’ve expanded to another four hour day, but I exceeded the envelope stuffing projections and didn’t leave myself enough work for another day. Foolish me. I do need to not work so hard, but I get so excited to wear “business casual” attire and go to an office instead of my tomb– I mean, apartment. Just gives me lots of workin’ energy.

In addition to my old temp agency, I’m signed up with two others. Checking in with them, keeping my fingers crossed yet not really finding myself excited by any of the prospects on an “interested-in-my-work” level, though just needing some damn employment that pays me some damn money… so, yeah, I check in as they ask. Maybe more. And kind of feel like a pest at times.

It is inspiringly dispiriting to note that I graduated from my small, unknown Ohio college with a 3.9 GPA 100 years ago. And the first published comic I ever worked on sold pretty well and won an award. And the fourth volume of this book is due in a couple of months. And all my co-workers from my previous job say they wish they could have me back there, but the company just isn’t hiring.

So, I look for gigs on Craigslist. Update online resumes. Check in with old co-workers at different companies. And call temp agencies… hoping I can land a half-day gig stuffing envelopes… for money that is less than I’d make if I were on unemployment. Fingers crossed for the same type of jobs I had when I was a fresh out of school, living in a much cheaper and more forgiving city.

Ooh! Just found a promising gig online… wait. What donating… I have nothing to donate… Oh… well, I have loads of that, but — no. I don’t want to be on the streets somewhere, begging for change, and then see some oddly familiar looking, lantern jawed guy (or, worse, gal), drop some change in my cup.

I say “no” to that now… but if, after a few weeks, I’ve yet to do anything than stuff envelopes for four hours…

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