POPGUN 4 article at Comic Book Resources!

Comic Book Resources staff writer Josh Wigler interviewed POPGUN 4 contributors Jeffrey Brown, Frank Stockton, Amanda Becker, Janet Kim, Andy Ristiano, and yours truly for a terrific article at Comic Book Resources.

Complete with some story descriptions from the creators themselves as well as preview art — check it out and leave a comment if you’re so moved!

Long day of travel tomorrow…

Tomorrow I have to be at LAX around 10AM for a flight that leaves at 11:50AM. Then I get into the Dallas airport around 5PM and have a three hour layover. THEN I get into Columbus, OH at 11:25PM. Taking into account the three hour difference between Pacific and Eastern time, that’s roughly a nine hour day of travel.

And I don’t really mind.

Travel, especially airplane travel, used to bug me. It bugs a lot of people. I hated flying for a while. Nothing debilitating, but I wasn’t a fan of being in the air. And the whole airport thing of tickets and waiting bugged me.

But lately, well, less things bug me, this included. I am not a fan of layovers, but, honestly, airports have restaurants, bars, and bookstores. What do I like to do? Eat, drink, and read. What else? Mess around on my computer… and I have a laptop.

Travel ain’t no thing! I’m looking forward to catching some zzz’s on the plane, as I’ve liked sleeping in the moving cars since I was a baby (so, yeah, when not driving), and this is just being a passenger in a big ass flying car. And I have a great book I’m reading (Blink – check it out and learn lessons about “thinking without thinking”)… a fun comic I want to check out (Bizarro Comics – dig it, and, yeah, I’m behind on this one), and… what the heck? How is this any worse than hanging out in my room in LA by myself? At least I’ll be surrounded by people, maybe chit chat, AND at the end of it all, I’ll see my family.

Travel ain’t no thing, and when the destination is home, it’s more than worth it.

Ninjas In Space!

Ninjas in space,
Whose side are they on?

Are they defending us from alien invaders?
Or are they Ninjutsu Darth Vaders?

I mean, what if they were up there,
In their astro-ninja-underwear,
Planning our downfall?
The global death of us all?

That’s probably the deal.
Ninjas freaking hate humanity.
At least that’s how I was raised to…
… raised… to… feel… ?

Holy shit.
Wait a minute.

Was I raised to hate ninjas?
To be a ninja hater?

No, I don’t blame Mom and Dad.
It’s society that’s bad.
The media, that’s who to blame…
… for my ninja-hating shame.

Just because they can kill me with a kick,
Doesn’t mean I have to be a dick.

Ninjas, on earth or in space,
are part of the human race.

So, I’m going to hug a ninja, and – ack!
I was just stabbed… with a ninja… sword…
… what a sneaky ninja attack.

Lesson learned?

Probably not.