MTV Splash Page’s Best of 2009

Pretty nifty surprise: MTV Splash Page named their best comics of 2009, and THE NEW BRIGHTON ARCHEOLOGICAL SOCIETY, by Mark Andrew Smith and Matt Weldon was named Best All-Ages Comics of 2009! Extra happiness for me because I edited it. Neat-o.

“The New Brighton Archeological Society” (Image)
“New Brighton” readers get the best of two worlds in a story that’s fun to read on its own and a comic that can be shared with readers of any age — whether they can read it themselves or have it read to them. In fact, it feels like Mark Andrew Smith and Matthew Weldon have all the ingredients for success in “New Brighton”: a spunky group of kids with lots of free time, a wild world ripe for exploration, fantastic creatures culled from various faerie tales, and dangers that manage to be scary without being truly terrifying. It’s the sort of book we’re quite certain we’d love when we were little, but get a kick out of reading now, too.
– Rick Marshall

Take their word for it and snag yourself a copy! It makes the perfect Christmas gift!

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