Says #11, “Trust me. I’m The Doctor.”

Everyone who wants to see this has seen it, right? Well, I’m posting it anyway.

Kneejerk reactions to Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor are: “Boo! I miss David Tennant!” And, “He’s toooooo young!” And, “His head is HUUUGE!” From the regeneration scene in “The End Of Time, Part 2” and this trailer, he seems energetic, at least. And, personally, I dig the hair.

Also, perhaps more importantly, new show runner Stephen Moffat has written some of the best New Who episodes ever. AND Jekyll kicks ass. AND what I’ve seen of Coupling is delightful.

And actress Karen Gillan, The Doctor’s new companion? So purdy. I assume she’s a good actress, too, seeing as how she was cast and all.

Okay, basically, I am really hoping this show is great. Why would anyone hope for anything else? Sure, we don’t know, and, yeah, there are kneejerk reactions, but one should wish for the best, yeah? Tennant was “my” Doctor (every fan has one, right?), but I have my fingers crossed for the new team.

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