Super Disguise!

Aside from disbelief that anyone could do good just for the sake of helping others, the biggest Superman criticism is his secret identity disguise. Namely: the glasses.

As you can see in the panel that below (found by Jessi Reid while interwebbing, though we’re not sure from what particular comic book it was taken), even Super Clark has questioned his chosen disguise — though the bigger issue, in my opinion, is his pajama fashion…

But instead of complaining about it, ol’ Supes should try to find some better way to have a secret identity. A better disguise… Now, depending on your take, either Superman is the disguise or Clark Kent is. Since the glasses are the complaint, I’m going to go with Clark being the disguise.

And here’s my solution… the ONLY solution:

You’re welcome, Superman.

Now go buy some new PJ’s…

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