Wednesday = COMICS!

When I was a kid, I loved Saturdays, because they were the best day of the weekend — the day when I could just have fun (whereas Sundays I had to go be scared of Hell at church and the Monday return to school lurked in the back of my mind). As I’ve gotten older and continue to falling apart faster and faster, I still like Saturday… but Wednesday might be my favorite day of the week. Why? Because Wednesday = COMICS! (When I was a kid, I didn’t have a local comic shop and just went to drugstores and had no idea when the new comics came out, only that sometimes there’d be new ones.)

Wednesday is the day new comics hit the shelves. I sometimes wait until the weekend, but lately my ladyfriend and I have tried to go to a shop the day of, because it’s more fun — like seeing a movie on opening night.

This week was a doozy, and three of my favorite ongoing comics had new issues! I got kinda giddy.

iZOMBIE (from Vertigo) has been a favorite of mine since it debuted. Almost anything with Mike Allred on art (especially when his wife Laura is doing the coloring) is a must buy for me. I wasn’t as familiar with writer Chris Roberson, but this book has made me a fan. Honestly, I’m tired of zombies, but this one has a different, more fun flavor to it. Lots of character and mystery, far less gore than the cover suggests — and ghosts, a wereterrier (friendlier than a werewolf), vampires, maybe a mummy — loads of shenanigans. This latest issue also features skee ball, which is just plain fun. If you haven’t read the book, the first trade is out, and I highly recommend it.

Another one of my faves, also from Vertigo, is SWEET TOOTH by Jeff Lemire. It involves a bit of an apocalypse that results in human/animal hybrid kids, like the titular deer boy Sweet Tooth (real name Gus). This is a bit of a road book, similar in some ways to another favorite, Y THE LAST MAN, only in that respect and in the fact that is excellent. I haven’t read this issue yet, but each issue adds another layer of mystery, heartbreak, and unexpected fun.

Lest one think I only read Vertigo books, I also snagged the latest CRIMINAL series, THE LAST OF THE INNOCENT. Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips are one of the greatest writer/artist teams in comics. Each CRIMINAL series can stand on its own, though every noir adventure exists in the same world. Brubaker and Phillips also do a book called INCOGNITO, a pulpy superhero book, which I finally just read all of (the first volume and the second one, INCOGNITO: BAD INFLUENCES). It was great and made me want more Brubaker/Phillips comic act — and lo a new issue of CRIMINAL this week! Almost as fun as the comics themselves is the backmatter in each issue, usually an essay about a film noir accompanied by a terrific piece of Phillips’ art. Each series has been collected, and I recommend any — though I usually like to start with the first volumes, which in this case would be CRIMINAL: COWARD.

If you’re reading this, odds are you buy comics, too. If so, what’d you get this week? Any recommendations?

Hooray for comics!