Relaxing is hard work.

Wow. So, it’s 6:43 PM, and I have done nothing today. No work, anyway. I tweeted some goofy nonsense, read a few comics, and got a couple of slices of pizza with my ladyfriend for lunch. That’s about it. And it makes me feel all kinds of antsy, which is a shame.

It’s good to relax, and I always tell the many workaholics I know that, but when I follow my own advice, it’s weirdly stressful. I feel guilty for just hanging out. It’s silly and probably adds to the gray hairs on my head.

What could I have done instead of taking a weirdly stressful nap today? I could’ve written some stuff. Maybe cleaned the apartment. Heck, taking a jog could have been on the list.

Part of me feels like I’ve squandered my time, but that’s absurd… right? We all need lazy days once in a while, so long as it doesn’t get out of hand. Tomorrow work will resume. Instead of reading comics, or at least in addition to that, I’ll work on some. Perhaps instead of taking a nap, I’ll clean the apartment some. My car is 90% dirt, so a wash wouldn’t hurt. I’ll do that stuff instead of sitting on the couch, feeling guilty about sitting on the couch.

And instead of eating pizza for lunch… maybe I’ll get a burrito.

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