MonkeyBrain panel at Comic-Con! Friday! July 13th! 7 to 8! PM!

Heroes, I’ll be part of a very snazzy San Diego Comic-Con panel on Friday the 13th from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM with some of my fellow MonkeyBrain Comics creators.. Stop by and check it out if you can…

7:00-8:00 MonkeyBrain Comics— Co-publishers Chris Roberson (Memorial) and Allison Baker reveal all about MonkeyBrain Comics, a creator-owned digital comics imprint. Joining them are moderator Bill Willingham (Fables) and creators Chris Schweitzer (Crogan’s Adventures), D. J. Kirkbride (Popgun), Brandon Seifert (Witch  Doctor), Joe Keatinge (Hell Yeah!), Colleen Coover (Small Favors), and Paul Tobin (Gingerbread Girl). Room 4

AMELIA COLE released 2 days early by Monkeybrain Comics & Comixology!

Well, this was one heckuva day! I was excited that Chris Roberson & Allison Baker were announcing the Monkeybrain Comics titles to the press, so that I could start letting people know that my new comic book with co-writer Adam P. Knave, artist Nick Brokenshire, and letterer Rachel Deering was going to be a part of this awesome company. What I didn’t know, what none of us knew, was that the books would be released two days early today, too!

That’s right! AMELIA COLE AND THE UNKNOWN WORLD issue 1 is available now over at Comixology, along with the other awesome Monkeybrain comics! It’s $1.99 for 28 pages of story plus the snazzy cover shown above.

Click on these words you are reading for a 6 page preview of AMELIA COLE AND THE UNKNOWN WORLD issue 1. If you like what you see, and I hope you do, please buy this wacky comic book, and let me know what you think!