Return to comic cons right at the end of 2021!

The return of Los Angeles Comic Con is coming up, December 3, 4, and 5, 2021! I’ll be there with creative powerhouse and new cat owner Doug Gauthier-– and I have it on good authority his better half, animation superstar Lauren Guerard Gauthier, will be stopping by to keep us in line, too!

Use the discount code KIRKBRIDE21 to receive 10% off your admission tickets, which can be purchased here.

Thanks, and I hope to have masked, vaccinated (maybe even BOOSTED), and safe fun with you good people at #ComicConLA!

And THEN, December 18 & 19, I’ll be at Comic Con Revolution Ontario for some Inland Empire comic convention fun!

ERRAND BOYS getting a snazzy trade collection from Dark Horse!

I’m very happy to be able to finally let everyone know that ERRAND BOYS by Nikos Koutsis, Frank Cvetkovic , Mike Toris, Adam P. Knave, El Anderson, and me is getting a nice trade collection from Dark Horse Comics in April 2022! It’s edited by Philip Simon with Judy Khuu & Rose Weitz and includes all five chapters, the bonus stories (with art by Manos Lagouvardos, Geo Kon, Alkis Rithinor, and Vasilis Dimopoulos), Erik Larsen‘s awesome variant cover, AND brand new extras! I’ll post the comic shop preorder info as soon as it’s available, but if you get your books via online booksellers, Penguin Random House has that info here!

UPDATE 11.19.21: It’s also listed in the December Previews Catalogue, so you can pre-order the ERRAND BOYS trade at your Local Comic Shop with order code DEC210419. Please let your #LCS know that this is a book to put on their shelves by pre-ordering it soon.


(W) D.J. Kirkbride (A/CA) Nikos Koutsis

In the future, a decent job is hard to find-especially if you’re a hard-worn scoundrel with commitment issues. Jace is a lifelong solo act running dangerous errands for the most questionable of clients. But when his thirteen-year-old half-human half-brother comes to live with him, he’s got two mouths to feed. Between evading the law, running from aliens, and jumping off skyscrapers, the only thing weirder than the vastness of space is family.

Collects the entire run of the comic book series Errand Boys plus new extras for the first time!

In Shops: Apr 13, 2022
SRP: $19.99

Thanks, and hooray for comics!

ONCE AND FUTURE QUEEN team reunites in HEAVY METAL #297!

This is exciting to finally be able to share! Adam P. Knave, Nick Brokenshire, Frank Cvetkovic, and I have a lil’ post-apocalyptic holiday story in issue 297 of the famed anthology comic magazine HEAVY METAL! Not only is it great to be part of the legacy that is HEAVY METAL, but it also reunites THE ONCE AND FUTURE QUEEN creative team, even original editor and series champion Hannah Means-Shannon, who is an editor/bigwig at HEAVY METAL.

The comic is called “Urban Developments,” and we had a lot of fun working on it. You can find a preview of it and the other stories in the issue by clicking here and/or the image below…

Preorder it from your local comic shop, bookstore, or wherever you buy HEAVY METAL!