Come see me at the Image Expo February 24-26!

It blows my mind that Image Comics first blew my mind 20 years ago. TWENTY YEARS!!!

In celebration, they are rocking out their own convention, and I’m happy to report I’ll be there! If you’re attending (and if you’re near or able to get to Oakland, love comics, independent spirit, creativity, and good times, you should), please stop by table 304! I’ll be signing and selling what is probably my last batch of the Eisner and Harvey award winning POPGUN anthologies, copies of the AGENTS OF THE W.T.F. one-shot, and, of course, DO YOU BELIEVE IN NINJAS? (All linked for those of you who can’t make it to the Expo.) If that wasn’t enough, awesome ALPHA GIRL, DARK HORSE PRESENTS, and POPGUN artist Robert Love will also be making a guest appearance at the table, which is even more incentive to stop by!

Celebrate creativity! Celebrate comics! Buy my books so I don’t have to lug them back home!

POPGUN 4 wins a Harvey Award!

This post is late. I should’ve gathered my thoughts and posted something by now, but the busy hasn’t stopped since the Baltimore Comic-Con. It was an amazing time, sharing a table with Adam P. Knave (who already posted this thoughts on the matter far more eloquently here) and meeting lots of swell people.

One of the highlights for me, of course, was POPGUN 4 winning the 2011 Harvey Award for Best Anthology!

Adam and me, still in shock over the Harvey win.

I’ve been working on the POPGUN books since volume 1. It was my break into comics, which had always been a dream, so I can’t thank Mark Andrew Smith and Joe Keatinge enough for the opportunity. Like all of the POPGUN books, POPGUN 4 was a labor of love. A very time consuming and sometimes difficult and worrisome labor of love, but there was always love. We all did it for the love of comics!

Co-editing with Anthony Wu and Adam was a great collaboration, assembling a collection of stories that none of us would’ve put together individually. Thomas Mauer and Jeff Powell did amazing work on the production edits/design, and the book wouldn’t exist without them. Those guys… yep, those are good guys.

And the contributors! We were able to assemble an amazing lineup of talent, and I want to thank all of them!

So, thank you… Alison ActonAttila AdorjanyAmanda BeckerMichael BirkhoferJohn BivensElliot BlakeDavid BrenionShana BrenionJeffrey BrownLars BrownAntonio CampoDominique CarrierJim CharalampidisDavid Collinson, Bill Crabtree, Dave Curd, Michelle Davies, Vito DelsanteTodd DezagoMichael DialynasJeik DionBecky DreistadtAlex Eckman-LawnNick EdwardsPaolo FerranteJess FinkJoe FloodFonografiksElizabeth GencoFrank GibsonVassilis GogtzilasNils Hamm, Mike Houlihan, Alice HuntMeg HuntJason Ibarra, Fernanda Jaber, JockAndrea KalfasJanet KimNikos KoutsisErik LarsenErwin LedfordStuart LivingstonMaximo V. LorenzoRobert LoveAdam LucasManoel MagalhãesJohn MalloyFell MartinsDerek McCullochMichael Meier, MJ, Chris Moreno, Wayne NicholsRalph NieseJM Ken NiimuraKieran OatsAnthony PeruzzoElton PruittStephanie RamirezDarren Rawlings, Stephen ReedyAndy RistainoSalgood Sam, Eric Sandhop, Matteo ScaleraThomas ScioliBrandon SeifertJonathan SilvestreFrank StocktonNick TapalanskyBen TemplesmithJeremy TinderMike TorisOsmarco ValladãoDavid WalkerAngie WangMatthew WeldonAnna WieszczykBrian WinkelerMichael WoodsK.I. ZachopoulosAlexis Ziritt!

Big thanks, of course, to Image Comics, for publishing four giant POPGUN books so far… wow! They all obviously love comics, too, and it’s much appreciated.

In the end, it was an honor to be nominated and a huge, delightful surprise to win. My hope is a few folks who normally wouldn’t have read the book will now check out POPGUN 4.

And now… time to make MORE comics!

POPGUN 4 is out today!

Well, today’s the day. After almost a year of working on POPGUN 4 as an editor and contributing writer — we started even before we were done with POPGUN 3 — the book is at finer comic shops and bookstores everywhere.

I’d like to thank all the amazing contributors (on all 4 volumes) and the editorial and production team of the book past and present (Adam! Anthony! Thomas! Jeff! Steven! Tim! Dylan! Mark! Joe!) , as well as the swell folks at Image Comics. Wow. POPGUN 4 is DONE… DONE DONE DONE. 512 pages of awesome wrapped in a beautiful cover for only 30 bucks.

Almost 2000 pages of POPGUN since 2007. Whew!

Okay, time to party tonight… Hope you all enjoy the book!

— D.J.

POPGUN 4 is out this Wed, Feb 24th!

Hi, awesome people!

Just a quick reminder that POPGUN 4 from the fine folks at Image Comics hits shelves this Wednesday! Please stop by your Local Comic Shop and pick up a copy…

Also, if you’re in NY, Hanley’s is having a signing on Wed. from 6 to 8.

And, if you’re in LA, Meltdown Comics is having a release party on Wed. from 7 to 10.

Aaaaand if you’re in Oklahoma City, New World comics is having a release party on Friday, Feb 26.

Such good times! We’re really proud if this big beast that is POPGUN 4. Can’t wait for it to be unleashed! Hope you all like it…

Your pal,

Cabin Fever, Job Worries, and… SCIENCE!

Good god… when is the last time I left my apartment? I don’t mean for a walk to the nearby grocery store for milk or whatever. I mean really went out, did something either productive or fun or funductive (combining words can be fun)… It’s probably only been four days or so, but it feels like FOREVER. Yes, I’ve made decent use of the time, getting some work done, but, really, I’m going stir crazy!

Why am I trapped in my apartment? Well, I suppose I’m not technically. First there was the crazy LA rain that made me want to just stay in, and now that it’s sunny again, I’ve been feeling under the weather and figure I should take it easy and let my body heal via drinking beverages with vitamin C instead of alcohol, getting decent sleep, and just generally taking it easy. I predict by tomorrow I’ll be feeling back to normal… at least I hope so. Right now I’m so antsy and bored that it’s making my skin itch. Ack! Just… TRAPPED.

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