Pure Lard 4.0

In the days of yore, I wrote a column in my college newspaper called “Pure Lard.” After graduating, having no paper to put it in, I’d send it out to a long email list of interested people weekly. A few years later, I hooked up with some funny folks who published a monthly humor paper then magazine called tastes like chicken, and “Pure Lard” lived there and on a website I started with a pal of mine called “the footnote.”

It’s been years since “Pure Lard” existed, but when looking for a name for my new weekly newsletter, well, it seemed appropriate.

Subscribe to Pure Lard 4.0, for weekly ranty rants and silly writings, as well as information on my comics (The Once and Future Queen, Amelia Cole, The Bigger Bang, The Biggest Bang, and Never Ending to name five), and more…?

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