What A Mess

There is a lot of news in the world, and, honestly, I don’t pay attention to most of it. Fictional stories, be they on television or on the movie screen or in books or in comics, are used to take up most of my brain. One might say this is kind of unfortunate, as, while fiction has kept me entertained and helped keep my goofy brain from attacking me with annoying thoughts, there this a whole darn world filled with events and goings on and people and things and stuff out there. A lot is happening in this world, and I live on this world, so I should know what the heck is up, right?

This lead to me turning on CNN every morning instead of DOCTOR WHO DVDs before leaving for work as well as listening to NPR instead of rock ‘n roll while driving to said work. While I’ve always been obstensibly liberal and figure we should take care of the environment and each other and various other kind of “bleeding heart” beliefs like that, I thought I should learn a bit more about what it all might mean kinda sorta.

After a few weeks of news watching, my vague political views make even more sense to me than before… I mean, okay, I still rarely understand what’s going on, but the left is still where I lean.

Left, right, or middle, though… holy crap is the world a mess.

For fifty-eight days I’ve been hearing about an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. At first it was a tragic explosion that took the lives of eleven men. That’s horrible, yet it somehow continues to get worse as the magnitude of what’s resulting from that explosion becomes clearer. BP’s drilling snafu is spilling oil out into the ocean, but not that much. No worries. That’s what I first heard. Now, almost two months later, it’s the greatest environmental disaster in the USA’s history. As I type this, President Obama is meeting with BP big wigs for the first time over who is going to pay for all this attempted clean up. It’s a mess.

And there’s more?

Six earthquakes in Indonesia last night? Yeah, just saw about that as I was typing, and– Oh, one in Alaska, too. And there was flooding in Oklahoma yesterday. And a big ol’ Jesus statue was struck by lightening in Ohio! JESUS! And it’s not just all environmental or spiritual — turns the economy is in the toilet, too! Yeah, mm hm. I mean, I mean, I mean.. so much is happening, and… oh crap… did you know we’re in, like, TWO wars???

And I STILL don’t understand the freaking stock market!

Part of me wants to go back to DOCTOR WHO and rock ‘n roll in the morning. Just shut my brain off from all of this. Won’t make it go away, though.

So, I’m getting informed. Now what? What can I do as kinda middle class, absurdly in debt, fairly lazy dreamer who really just wants to write funny books and watch the TV when I’m not sleeping?

I guess that’s the next step…