I’m not a Wheel watcher, but…

So, those new digital billboards next to the roads in LA and some other parts of AMERICAISTHEBEST are great. It’s like watching TV except — oh shit! I’m at the wheel of a moving car under my control!

Sometimes they are quite distracting. Usually if there’s a pretty lady or something, then it turns to HOUSE in clown shoes, and I’m like, “Bring back the pretty lady!” right before I rear end the car in front of me.

This morning, though, there was a WHEEL OF FORTUNE one that caught my attention. I tried to find it online, but a quick search proved fruitless. It was a puzzling one…

CATEGORY:  Living things.

LETTERS: B L _ _ K  _ A T

Now, okay, Halloween is close, so we know it’s “BLACK CAT.”

But, buuuut! If one chooses an “A,” it’d show up in “BLACK” as well as “CAT,” right? So… this billboard is impossible!

It should be…

CATEGORY:  Living things.



I’m not a Wheel watcher, though. Am I missing something?

Aside from a life?