Mediocrity Wins!

My interest in this whole Leno vs. Conan thing isn’t some misguided worrying about the financial or career fates of millionaires. Honestly, I’m just sick of unfunny comedy being more popular than funny comedy. It’s that simple. Two & A Half Men is the most popular sitcom on television while Community struggles in the ratings. This is ridiculous and fairly embarrassing to God’s America in my admittedly kind of comedy snobby opinion, but so long as they’re both on for their respective fans to enjoy, fine.

Now, if Two & A Half Men wanted Community‘s time slot? I mean, not just to go up against it on another network, but to actually kick Community off the air and in that very time slot instead show Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer say horrible, unfunny things about women? Well, then I’d be up in arms! (By “up in arms,” I mean blogging on my less popular than seems possible bloggy blog here, I suppose.)

If Leno gets the Tonight Show back at the expense of Conan, it’s just another example of mediocrity winning. Now, maybe I should be happy about this, as it bodes well for my writing career, but, be that is at may very well be, I don’t want mediocre material rewarded. It’s not a major catastrophe or something important in a real world sense, no, but it isn’t completely trivial. Good humor is smart humor (even good dumb humor has intelligence behind it). The once funny Leno represents the dumbing down of comedy, specifically, American comedy. I don’t want America to be a dumb country of Jaywalkers.

Hopefully, at the very least, Conan will go to another network with his entire crew in tact and thrive. This is all very disappointing, though, just in the sense that quality doesn’t always prevail.

Know Thine Enemy

Trapped in rural Ohio by my own devices. Everyone in the house is asleep by 8:30pm. Jay Leno, my archest of enemies other than myself, has a new show premiering at 10pm. I don’t like myself, so of course I’m going to try to watch it.


Long monologue. Um… Seinfeld wore an ironic tux, uh… yeah, I couldn’t get through most of it, but the Kanye West awkwardness was FASCINATING! No, I did not watch the MTV Video Music Awards (and haven’t since, I dunno, Chris Rock hosted maybe?) but I heard about Kanye’s douchiness when the weirdly plastic Taylor Swift won best video or whatever instead of Beyonce, something that apparently upset Kanye to the point of getting on stage and messing up Swift’s acceptance speech.

So, in an almost Hugh Grant-esque shaming (for the old folk) Leno brings up Kanye’s dead mom. “What would your mom say about this?”

Holy shit, you lantern-jawed bastard who may or may not be my illegitimate father! That is amazing! Really? He says something dumb (as is Kanye’s way), and you bring up… his dead… mother??? And then, wow, the silence from Kanye as he tried to think of what to say. Was that about, what, eight minutes of dead air on “prime time” network television? Okay, maybe not that long, but still…

Thankfully, Kanye pledged to help Taylor Swift in some way whenever she needs it.

I haven’t checked, but they better be Facebook friends.

Ah… I woudln’t mind eating at “The House of Poon,” though. Good one, Jay. Real classy-like.

(The real victim here is Conan O’Brien. Finally gets The Tonight Show to be preceded by this? Bah!!!)