Oh how I love going to the movies!

I love going to the movies. I mean, I love movies in general, but GOING to see a movie at a movie theater? So great.

The smell of popcorn being popped is comforting. The absolute distraction from my usual thoughts as I sit in a dark room, staring at a giant screen, no on allowed to talk, having to immerse myself into stories that have nothing to do with me can be wonderful.

Being around people can be great, sure, but being surrounded by them without the pressure of having to interact? That can be just what the doctor ordered once in a while.

Sometimes it’s kinda sad. Sometimes I’d rather not be alone at the movies, but sometimes I prefer it.

Usually it’s calming.

Oh yeah, and fun.

Tarantino’s Top 20 Movies Since 1992 – food for thought

Hmmm… Now, to be honest, I kinda miss crime story Tarentino. The even bigger chinned fella than myself who brought us Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction and even Jackie Brown. That’s not to say that I don’t think Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2 are 4 hours of a great 2 hour film or that Death Proof didn’t have a cool car chase after all the boring-ass dialog. And, yeah, I’m going to to see Inglorious Basterds because, darn it, I love going to the movies.

So! Quentin chatting about his fave movies since he first directed a feature in 1992 is pretty interesting… I love that he seems to be completely honest and doesn’t feel the need to try to select critical darlings or anything like that. Good ol’ QT.

Once I agree with: Boogie Nights (amazing movie all around in pretty much every cinematic way), Fight Club (still talking about this one — in fact, just had a discussion about it today), The Matrix (yeah, it changed the game — despite the lackluster sequels), Shaun of the Dead (simply one of my favorite good time movies), Unbreakable (brilliant, and not recognized like it should be — one of the best superhero movies of all time).

I think this video might be old, but it’s cool he did this. Reminds me of why I like good ol’ QT.