Freaking snow jobs…

So, I was born and raised in Ohio but have been living in Los Angeles, CA for, holy crap, five years? A little over that?

Do I have complaints? Hell yeah, I do. The cost of living — geez. It’s insane. The pollution — that smog cloud you can se when you fly in is pretty freaky. The people — no, no, not all of them, but… maybe it’s because there are so many actors, but I just don’t know where I stand with LA folk much of the time. Oh, and the traffic — fuck, man, the traffic is nuts.

But you know what I have NO complaints about? The weather. The weather in LA is delightful! Sometimes I think, “I miss the seasons,” though. The seasons help one mark the passage of time. Spring, with its renewal. Summer, with the, you know sun — well, that’s LA all the time. Arguably the two best seasons, though I miss Fall.

But winter?

Man, fuck winter! I’ve whined about missing snow before, but now? After a week of snow in some crazy Ohioan tundra? First in Northern Ohio and now in Southern Ohio? It’s ridiculous!!!

Looking outside, it is pretty. Sure, I’ll admit that. Just a sea of white, flakes falling from the sky… which is also pretty white. It’s almost unreal. But I feel trapped in the house! It’s that cabin fever I’ve forgotten about living in the permanent swell weather of Smell A! There’s no way I can go out and drive somewhere. And my sister is still at work, so I’m worried about her driving home.

Snow is absurd. Yes, it’s cheaper to live in Ohio than in Southern California, but… is the CA weather worth the steep cost of living price? I’m beginning to wonder. Maybe I’ll be missing the seasons a little less when I return to LA this Saturday… IF I can return — weather pending.