POPGUN 4 press roundup!

Hi, true believers!

Figured I’d compile a bit of one-stop shopping for folks looking to learn more about POPGUN — specifically the upcoming 4th volume, which is in stores February 24th. (If I’m missing anything, feel free to let me know!)

COMIC BOOK RESOURCES’ own Josh Wigler interviewed Jeffrey Brown, Amanda Becker, Janet Kim, Frank Stockton, Andy Ristiano, and myself. Good times and snazzy preview art!

NEWSARAMA writer Chris Arrant interviewed Anthony Wu, Adam P. Knave, Todd DeZago, Tom Scioli, Vito Delasante, Attila Adorjany, Chris Moreno, and me again. Lots of info and more preview art!

PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY’s PANEL MANIA writer Ada Price ran the entire 24-page story “Hamburgers For One” by Frank Stockton. A great read that looks even better in print, as it was meant to be seen!

Rich Johnston’s BLEEDING COOL was the first to show off Ben Templesmith’s amazing POPGUN 4 cover!

BROKEN FRONTIER’s Frederik Hautin posted a full-story preview of Tom (G0DLAND) Scioli’s POPGUN 4 contribution: “The Seneschal”!

GEEKWEEK’s Tim Simmons interviewed me about POPGUN 4 and ran some very nice preview art.

Johanna Draper Carlson’s COMICS WORTH READING gave us a nice mention complete with the Ben Templesmith web banner!

GRAEME’S FANTASY BOOK REVIEW posted about the book and had kind words about POPGUN vol. 3.

COMICS CONTINUUM by Rob Allstetter posted some cool preview pages! (Just scroll down a little.)

THE COMIC BOX gave us a swell shout out!

Also, some upcoming events…

In New York, The Comic Book Club Live will be interviewing POPGUN 4 contributors Adam P. Knave, Vito Delsante, and Nick Tapansky live at the The Peoples Improv Theater on Feb 16th — tickets available now!

Also for the New York folks, there’s a POPGUN 4 signing on Feb 24th at Jim Hanley’s Universe!

And, LA folks, don’t forget about the POPGUN 4 release party on Feb 24th at Meltdown Comics!

Finally, in Oklahoma City? Check out the POPGUN 4 signing at New World Comics & Games, with writer Brian Winkeer and artist Eric Sandhop will be on hand for fun!