Popguns, Ninjas Poems, & D.J. – Anaheim Comic-Con 2011!

Check it out, heroes:

D.J. Kirkbride is an editor on all four volumes of the Eisner and Harvey award winning POPGUN anthology from Image Comics. He also wrote “Soulless, Man Without A Soul” stories for POPGUN volumes 1 and 2 and with Adam P. Knave co-wrote “Agents of the W.T.F.” and “The Black Decahedron” for volumes 3 and 4. His book of ninja poetry, DO YOU BELIEVE IN NINJAS?, was recently released by Creative Guy Publishing.

I’m really looking forward to this, especially since I’ll be sharing my table with my friend and fellow POPGUN contributor, the amazingly talented Robert Love! We’ll also be around all sorts of other POPGUN pals, so it should be good times!

If you’re going to the con, please stop by our table. I’ll have copies of all four volumes of POPGUN, a bunch of DO YOU BELIEVE IN NINJAS?, and some friendly chatting!

Your pal… D.J.