My San Diego Comic Con schedule…

I saw some folks posting about their schedules and figured I’d do the same in hopes it makes me seem like I’m going there more as a professional creator than as a fan who views SDCC as his own personal Disneyland of magic and wonder…

On Thursday July 18 I’ll be at the sure to be awesome Blank Page Project charity event from 5pm to 7pm. This is a good time put on by comiXology, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Amanda Conner to benefit the Hero Initiative. Lots of swell folks are going to be there to support that great organization and party it up!

After that, I’ll be hitting the Monkeybrain Comics Anniversary Celebration from 8pm to 9pm. No, I’m not actually on the panel, but I’ll be in the audience to support the swell publishers of AMELIA COLE.

Friday and Saturday will just be walking around in awe, getting trampled by crowds of folks in cool and elaborate cosplay, and being asked if I’m on any panels or promoting anything or tabling or doing anything productive for my writing career, hitting at least one party… and also lots of greasy, cheesy foods and maybe a little booze.

Finally, on Sunday July 21st, in addition to celebrating/lamenting entering the back half of my thirties, I’ve been given the go ahead to crash the IDW Independents Day Creator-Owned Comics Signing. No, I’m not on the list, nor do I have anything to sign because the AMELIA COLE AND THE UNKNOWN WORLD trade won’t be out until August 14, but I will have some snazzy postcards featuring the cover image to hand out to one and all.

After that, from 3pm to 4pm, I’ll be at the Image signing table with some of my fellow OUTLAW TERRITORY vol. 3 contributors, scribbling our names into that swell book. I’ve missed hanging around the super snazzy Image booth, so that’ll be fun.

And then I’ll go home, a year older, and hopefully at least a little wiser.