Rose City Comic-Con 2022

Hey, comic book fans! Adam P. Knave & I will be at Rose City Comic-Con this weekend, September 9, 10, and 11, a couple of writers in Artist Alley– table K5 to be exact!

If you’re attending this fun event, please stop by to say “hi” and have all of your signed THE AIRLESS YEAR, ERRAND BOYS, THE ONCE AND FUTURE QUEEN, AMELIA COLE, CULTURE’S SKELETON, TURN TO PAGE NEVER, and NEVER ENDING needs met!

ERRAND BOYS getting a snazzy trade collection from Dark Horse!

I’m very happy to be able to finally let everyone know that ERRAND BOYS by Nikos Koutsis, Frank Cvetkovic , Mike Toris, Adam P. Knave, El Anderson, and me is getting a nice trade collection from Dark Horse Comics in April 2022! It’s edited by Philip Simon with Judy Khuu & Rose Weitz and includes all five chapters, the bonus stories (with art by Manos Lagouvardos, Geo Kon, Alkis Rithinor, and Vasilis Dimopoulos), Erik Larsen‘s awesome variant cover, AND brand new extras! I’ll post the comic shop preorder info as soon as it’s available, but if you get your books via online booksellers, Penguin Random House has that info here!

UPDATE 11.19.21: It’s also listed in the December Previews Catalogue, so you can pre-order the ERRAND BOYS trade at your Local Comic Shop with order code DEC210419. Please let your #LCS know that this is a book to put on their shelves by pre-ordering it soon.


(W) D.J. Kirkbride (A/CA) Nikos Koutsis

In the future, a decent job is hard to find-especially if you’re a hard-worn scoundrel with commitment issues. Jace is a lifelong solo act running dangerous errands for the most questionable of clients. But when his thirteen-year-old half-human half-brother comes to live with him, he’s got two mouths to feed. Between evading the law, running from aliens, and jumping off skyscrapers, the only thing weirder than the vastness of space is family.

Collects the entire run of the comic book series Errand Boys plus new extras for the first time!

In Shops: Apr 13, 2022
SRP: $19.99

Thanks, and hooray for comics!



D.J. Kirkbride (w) * Vassilis Gogtzilas (a & c)
COSMOS has been mortally wounded by THE PENUMBRA, and his explosive death could destroy a universe! In order to save countless lives, WYAN must help him get to the legendary WHITE HOLE AT THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE– where they mythical LIVING ASTEROIDS are standing guard! Grab your tissues and hold onto your seats, cosmic comic fans, ’cause it’s the FINAL chapter of THE BIGGEST BANG!
FC * 32 pages * $3.99

AMELIA COLE released 2 days early by Monkeybrain Comics & Comixology!

Well, this was one heckuva day! I was excited that Chris Roberson & Allison Baker were announcing the Monkeybrain Comics titles to the press, so that I could start letting people know that my new comic book with co-writer Adam P. Knave, artist Nick Brokenshire, and letterer Rachel Deering was going to be a part of this awesome company. What I didn’t know, what none of us knew, was that the books would be released two days early today, too!

That’s right! AMELIA COLE AND THE UNKNOWN WORLD issue 1 is available now over at Comixology, along with the other awesome Monkeybrain comics! It’s $1.99 for 28 pages of story plus the snazzy cover shown above.

Click on these words you are reading for a 6 page preview of AMELIA COLE AND THE UNKNOWN WORLD issue 1. If you like what you see, and I hope you do, please buy this wacky comic book, and let me know what you think!

Thankful for NINJA POETRY

Yes, Thanksgiving is upon us. I am thankful for a great many things (great family, great friends, great ladyfriend, great comics and tv shows, cheese)… but for this post I’d like to single out the release of my new book of ninja poetry called DO YOU BELIEVE IN NINJAS from Creative Guy Publishing! It’s a collection of my ninja poems from over the years plus loads of new ones with delightful illustrations by Chris Moreno!

Product description: A collection of the finest poetry about Ninjas ever collected. Well, at least that we know of – the others are all very very secret. Ever wonder how the modern ninja copes with daily life? Well, you should. Possibly not in the way this poet would have you believe, but then again, who’s to say? Including not one, two, but SEVEN ninja haiku slams, this will be the book that quite possibly gets its author killed in the night…

  • Paperback: 110 pages
  • Publisher: Creative Guy Publishing (November 15, 2010)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1894953762
  • ISBN-13: 978-1894953764

No, it’s not as stupid as it sounds. It’s stupider. If this appeals to you, and why shouldn’t it, you should order a copy! Or request it at your favorite bookstore. Or both! It’d make the perfect stocking stuffer assuming it is delivered before Christmas, and, if not — the perfect way to ring in the new year!