I’ll be at The West Hollywood Book Fair October 2!

Hi, internets! If you look at this site and live in the LA area, please check out the West Hollywood Book Fair next Sunday, Oct. 2! Some snazzy comic editors and yours truly will be taking part in a panel at the Comics, Graphic Novels & More Pavilion at 12:15 PM, which will be followed by a signing at The Comic Bug Booth!

Here’s the official info:


As the graphic novel has grown in popularity, so too has the graphic novel anthology. Are these story collections an attempt to keep short fiction relevant in long-form comics? Are they born from a desire to explore a theme from many points of view? Or are anthologies simply a way of compiling some of the best work in comics into one diverse book? Join some of the writers, artists and editors responsible for five of the most highly acclaimed graphic novel anthologies as we discuss how bigger can be better, what makes a great collection and how the anthology format benefits creators.

Kazu Kibuishi (Flight, Explorer)
DJ Kirkbride (Popgun)
Nicole Sixx (Womanthology)
Michael Woods (Outlaw Territory)
Moderator: Asterios Kokkinos

Signings @ 1:15pm, The Comic Bug Booth