Comikazee invades LA with me, Atreyu, and others in tow!


The Comikaze Expo descends upon us this coming weekend, November 5 & 6! Why am I posting about it on my blog? Well, I shall be sitting at table #92 with copies of all four volumes of the Eisner and Harvey Award-winning POPGUN comic book anthologies from Image Comics, my ninja poetry book DO YOU BELIEVE IN NINJAS? (featuring Chris Moreno illustrations), and a special-printing comic book issue of the AGENTS OF THE W.T.F. stories I co-wrote with Adam P. Knave for POPGUN’s 3 & 4, featuring art by Matteo Scalera. Basically, I’ll have some cool stuff. And I’ll sign anything you buy for you and take pictures with you if you want for some reason and help you with simple math problems if need be.

The rest of the show is going to be cool, too! Get your ticket on here!